Converging 4 Technologies To Heal Patients Faster

Using wireless smartphones and tablets with high speed connectivity, Woundtech clinicians enter real time clinical data into the secure web-based electronic medical record

Wireless Broadband Technologies

Advanced Wound-healing Products

Cloud-based Electronic Medical Records

Voice and Video over Internet Protocol

Expertise empowered by mobile technology

Our field clinicians use mobile devices with customized software entering clinical assessment data into a secure, web-based EMR. This cloud-based system is programmed with evidence-based clinical algorithms configured with Woundtech’s sequential assisted logic and clinical alerts. Utilization of our software ensures adherence to compliance, standardization, and reduction in medical errors.

Woundtech’s telehealth center staffed by wound care nurses, provides support for the clinician by phone or live stream video. Compliance with evidence-based practice is accomplished via utilization of Sequential Assisted Logic and clinical alerts, case review and management, medical review, monthly rounds, and our outlier program.

Included in our services, Woundtech provides to the patient at each visit the most advanced wound healing dressings and products available. These products have been selected in direct correlation to the evidence-based standards for wound healing.