Our clinicians perform debridements as clinically needed in order to achieve the fastest wound healing. Each of our clinical professionals is trained in sharp debridement, selective and non-selective debridement.

Woundtech’s clinical management team collaborates through monthly webinars with the health plan, MSO, and IPA medical management teams to review challenging clinical cases, assuring that all clinical and social issues are being addressed by each respective group. These collaborative events provide an excellent forum to determine the best solutions in caring for patients.

Our wound care trained professionals bring the wound care center to the patient wherever they may be. They perform standardized initial history and physicals, evidence-based treatments, and provide complete wound assessments with digital photos (once per week), and measurements at each visit.

Our professionals work together to evaluate each treatment and then communicate directly with the patients’ Primary Care Physician (PCP) and all involved specialists. PCP’s receive comprehensive documentation of each visit with weekly digital photographs so they can easily follow the patients progress. We work closely with the Health Plan, MSO, and IPA case managers to determine the best clinical pathway for the patient.

Our formulary consists of the most advanced, FDA approved products available on the market. These products are provided to the patient at each visit. Additional supplies are provided to the patient for dressing changes in-between Woundtech visits, if necessary.

Our clinical management team, in conjunction with the health plan, MSO, and IPA clinical management team, establishes healing date parameters based on wound type. Woundtech’s clinical data management system is programmed to identify patients as they are grouped into these healing categories and monthly reports are generated. These cases are then reviewed as part of the monthly clinical rounds, and the most cost effective treatments are selected in order to minimize utilization of unnecessary services and avoid hospitalization.

These adjunctive therapies are not included in our services:

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT or VAC), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and Prescription Medications (Rx)

Our professionals will determine, based on evidence-based guidelines, the appropriateness of these therapies and the timing for their administration if necessary.