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The value of
partnering with Woundtech

The value of partnering with Woundtech

  • Management of wound care orders
  • Free up the PCP and office staff from managing wound care
  • Coordinate all diagnostics, Durable Medical Equipment, and Home Care with the PCP
  • Recommend necessary specialist consultations when needed, through the PCP
  • Onsite visit to patients’ home, SNF, Assisted Living Facility, and Woundtech Podiatric clinic, by a Woundtech clinician (Nurse Practitioner, Podiatrist, or Physician Assistant)
  • Bedside wound debridements as needed (topical anesthesia only)
  • Woundtech advanced EMR with sequential assisted logic for improved adherence to evidenced-based guidelines
  • Advanced data reporting
  • Automatic reminders and alerts for clinicians in the field for improved compliance
  • Electronic record submission with digital photographs sent to patients’ PCP after each visit
  • Scheduled case management meetings with EMR review through a webinar
  • Patients assigned Woundtech patient care coordinator
  • Clinicians teamed with telehealth nurse
  • Cellulitis management program through early home care and SNF intervention
  • Comprehensive initial patient assessment and ICD9 coding

Information portal and communication

Secure online access to the patient Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is provided to health plan and medical group management via assigned login to www.woundexpert.com.

Woundtech provides continuous communication with Primary Care Physicians (PCP) via faxed assessment reports after each visit.

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