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Woundtech partners with Managed Services Organizations (MSOs), Independent Practice Associations (IPAs), and large medical groups.

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Our Value to Payors

Our unique, telehealth-driven process is proven to heal wounds faster than clinics at a lower cost, with greater patient convenience. We compared our outcomes to the Wound Registry, and the results are clear.

Woundtech heals wounds 18-32% faster in 12 weeks than clinics.

  • 65% lower costs vs. competitors’ solutions
  • 95% reduction in wound-related hospital re-admission rates
  • 95% reduction in negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)
  • 99% reduction in hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)
  • 33% faster healing times
Wound Type Number of Days to Heal
Woundtech Facility Average*
Arterial Ulcer Check list62 76
Diabetic Ulcer Check list56 83
Pressure Ulcer Check list54 72
Surgical Wound Check list53 68
Venous Ulcer Check list54 70

*Facility average was Woundtech vs. 855 centers.

Our Value to Providers

Woundtech manages the patient’s wound and provides data to the Personal Care Physician (PCP), surgeon, or other specialist. Outsourcing wound management provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces burden on provider and office staff
  • Ensures efficient management of wound care orders
  • Provides coordination of all diagnostics, durable medical equipment, and home care
  • Recommends necessary specialist consultations, through the PCP
  • Offers electronic record submission with digital photographs sent to the patient’s PCP or designated provider after each visit
Types of Wounds and When to Refer
As Soon as Possible Within 30 Days
Trauma wounds
Lymphatic wounds
Non-healing surgical wounds
Pressure ulcers (bed sores)
Atypical wounds
Diabetic foot ulcers
Venous stasis ulcers
Arterial ulcers (due to poor circulation)
Our Referral Process

Choose the method most convenient for you.
Enter referral directly into Woundtech portal, https://regusa.woundtech.net
Call referral info into 1.866.986.2263
Fax referral info into 1.866.968.6339

Our Value to Patients

As we treat patients in their place of residence, we ensure they receive everything necessary to heal wounds faster. From ordering additional tests to training family members or finding additional support, patient advocacy is built in.

  • No need to arrange transportation to a clinic
  • Scheduled visits outside of working hours (early morning or evening)
  • High-level clinician at no extra cost
  • No co-pay or deductibles (except in commercial lines of business)
  • Avert expensive, clinically questionable treatments such as HBOT and VAC
  • We help train the family or, if needed, get in touch with social services
Woundtech can help patients when they:
Check list Have a wound that has not healed
Check list Are being treated at an expensive wound care center
Check list Have high co-pays
Check list Have a podiatrist-treated wound that hasn’t healed within 30 days
Check list Are utilizing a negative pressure wound therapy device (e.g, the VAC) or hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)
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