We are the nation’s leading physician-based provider of wound management services

Woundtech provides expert wound care services wherever the patient resides, saving time and eliminating the cost of co-pays and transportation expenses.

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Woundtech is disrupting the wound management industry by bypassing the clinic to focus on delivering personalized, precision care to patients where they live

Woundtech’s innovative telehealth platform brings the clinic to the patient, resulting in faster healing and more equitable patient treatment at a lower total cost.

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Wound care is a race

The key to effectively managing wound care and its resulting expenses is early intervention. Late treatment means astronomically higher costs and, frequently, amputation. Studies show that following an amputation, nearly half of people with vascular disease die within five years and 50% of individuals with diabetes die within two.  Wound care is a race patients can’t afford to lose.

By treating patients where they live, Woundtech’s approach eliminates many of the challenges of wound care while ensuring true health equity:


No need to arrange transportation to a clinic

Scheduled visits outside of working hours (early morning or evening)

High-level clinician at no extra cost

No co-pay or deductibles (except in very rare cases)
Proactive management of expensive modalities such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)

The Coming Tidal Wave of Wound Care Expenses

Healthcare plans face an exponential growth in wound care expenses because of the inevitable forces of demography: the US population is getting older, the rate of diabetes is growing and cellulitis is rampant.

The first comprehensive study of Medicare spending on wound care estimated that spending for all wounds is currently estimated to range from $28.1 billion to $96.8 billion. For Medicare Advantage alone, the spend is between $7.7 and $26.7 billion.

These costs are quickly escalating. The U.S. currently spends approximately $33.5 billion on care for chronic lower extremity wounds ($25 billion on professional services and $8.5 billion on products). Of that total, $26.8 billion is paid out to treat diabetic foot ulcerations.

If current epidemiological trends continue, by the year 2020, the U.S. will spend $200 billion annually to treat diabetic foot ulcerations.

More than 1 in 7 Medicare beneficiaries (8.2 million) had at least one type of wound or infection and nearly 1 in 5 Medicare beneficiaries over the age of 75 had at least one chronic wound.

Woundtech’s Telehealth Platform and Medical Home-Based Approach Offers Better Outcomes, at Lower Cost While Generating Valuable Data

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Our unique, telehealth-driven process has been proven to heal wounds 33% faster than clinics at 65% lower cost with greater patient convenience. Furthermore, our patients are 95% less likely to be re-admitted to the hospital. With these results, Woundtech has become the preferred provider of wound management services for more than 50 health plans and 300 medical groups across the United States.


By analyzing the data gathered along the way, Woundtech doctors can create more innovative, effective, and personalized care for each patient, now and in the future.


From post-surgical wounds to wounds related to chronic health problems such as diabetes and cellulitis, Woundtech’s value-based care model returns vitality to patients – without the stressful time and transportation challenges of frequent visits to a clinic.

95% Overall
Healing Rate

Covering more than 25 million lives

Provider to more than 50 major health plans

Provider to 300+ medical groups