What is Woundtech?

Woundtech is a care provider that performs advanced wound care wherever a patient resides (home, ALF and SNF). Nurse Practitioners, Podiatrists and Physicians Assistants develop a personalized wound care management plan on a patient-by-patient basis, and provide routine care multiple times a week, ensuring that patients’ wounds heal, significantly reducing hospital admissions and amputations.

Advanced Care Team

Woundtech’s team of care professionals of patient care coordinators assist in obtaining authorizations and getting patients scheduled for treatment promptly. We employ only Nurse Practitioners, PAs and Podiatrists trained in wound healing. And our telehealth team provides support and coordinates care with our patients' Primary Care Physicians, ensuring that we are working together to care for you.

Advanced Woundcare

Time plays an important factor in wound healing, and the longer a wound is allowed to fester, the harder it becomes to treat. Woundtech seeks to provide wound care within two days of a referral, greatly reducing barriers to care and reducing the amount of time to heal. 91% of Woundtech patients heal by the time they complete treatment with Woundtech.

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Woundtech patients who complete treatment have a 91% healing rate
Our advanced care clinicians treat patients in their place of residence, alleviating the need for patients to arrange transportation and travel to a clinic. Our clinicians assess and treat patients with personalized recommendations via a proprietary algorithm built into our EMR. Woundtech also has a centralized telehealth center established to assist and enable our clinicians to provide customized care. Our clinicians enter real-time clinical data into the patient’s secure, web-based electronic medical record and algorithms analyze data and provide automated recommendations and clinical alerts.

Woundtech also provides the patient with the most advanced wound healing dressings and products available - products have been selected because of their effective, evidence-based wound healing properties – so that the patient has supplies on hand.

“My husband suffered a severe third degree burn on his buttock. After two weeks of trying to treat it himself, he went to his doctor. His doctor referred him to Woundtech. We first met our clinician, Cavell, for his first in-home appointment. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. She continued to provide stellar care to my husband twice a week for three months. On his last appointment, his wound had completely healed, and he was discharged. I cannot say enough about how dedicated Cavell was, providing my husband the best care and service possible. She is absolutely the best and performs her duties with the utmost professionalism and compassion. Thank you, Cavell, and Woundtech for all you did to help my husband heal.”
P. Canning Florida
“I wanted to commend our clinician, Osiel, because he is a very good wound care tech. He is very patient and very nice. My husband’s foot wound was so bad that I thought it was going to have to be removed. But now, my husband’s foot has had such a big improvement! I’m so impressed. He has been coming for more than a month, Tuesdays, and Fridays, and he is very good. I can see the improvement! Osiel is professional and an excellent wound care tech. Let him know that. Woundtech, wound care, I am very happy with your services!”
M. LaRochelle Florida
“Madeline, the nurse practitioner who came to treat my mother was incredible and the service was impeccable. She came twice a week and became like family to us. We would love to have her back to treat my mother after her upcoming surgery. We are very satisfied with Woundtech.”
R. Cintron California
“My clinician, Teri, is very kind and thorough. She is always gentle when attending to my wound so that I feel comfortable. And she always explains everything so that I understand. Teri’s care and kindness has really made a huge impact on my healing.”
D. Roy Texas

Caregiver Resources

Woundtech treats all types of wounds and our best ally in providing wound care where a patient resides is the caregiver in the home. Caregivers help us by promoting compliance with our customized care and helping us determine what factors are barriers of care for our patients.

Below you can download various caregiver resource guides and information on some of the most common types of wounds.

Venous Ulcer
Diet & Wound Healing
Preventing Infection