What We Do

Woundtech’s Telehealth Platform

The key to Woundtech’s success is its innovative telehealth platform. It offers the following benefits:

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Utilization of sequential assisted logic and clinical alerts
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Supports multiple modes of communications (smartphones, tablets, laptops)
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Supports image recognition
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Provides access to secure electronic medical records
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Provides automatic recommendations for treatment based on data from more than three million interventions
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Software ensures adherence to compliance, standardization, and reduction in medical errors with our evidence-based algorithms

How It Works

A patient’s visit starts when one of our trained clinicians arrives at their place of residence, alleviating the need for them to travel to a clinic. Woundtech clinicians use mobile technology to document patient assessments. The wound is treated based on personalized recommendations via a proprietary algorithm built into the EMR. Woundtech has a centralized telehealth center established to assist and enable field clinicians should they encounter rare conditions via HIPAA regulations.

Compliance with evidence-based practice is accomplished as the clinician enters real-time clinical data into the patient’s secure, web-based electronic medical record on Woundtech’s platform. Afterwards, algorithms analyze data and provide automated recommendations and clinical alerts. The platform also enables:

  • Utilization of sequential assisted logic and clinical alerts
  • Case review and management
  • Medical review
  • Monthly rounds
  • Outlier program
  • Intelligent clinical workflow solutions

At each visit, Woundtech also provides the patient with the most advanced wound healing dressings and products available. These products have been selected because of their effective, evidence-based wound healing properties.

Woundtech Labs℠

From big data to machine learning, Woundtech Labs merge cutting-edge technology with health care. We mine our more than three million patient assessments to study the best care program for each wound type, enabling us to offer precise, personalized care. Furthermore, by analyzing the data gathered along the way, Woundtech doctors create more innovative, effective, and personalized care for each patient. Our laboratory researches and implements improvements based on:

  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial/Augmented Intelligence
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Deep Learning