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Defining Woundtech

Defining Woundtech

Who is Woundtech and What Makes us Different In The World of Wound Care?

Woundtech delivers advanced wound care services to patients to drive higher rates of healing and improve quality of life, resulting in better access to care and lower cost. Our clinicians specialize in wound management and follow evidence-based guidelines to deliver superior outcomes. 

Our Story

Group 5

Woundtech is over 2 decades in the making. Founded in 1999, a small group of colleagues discovered three significant problems in wound care they wished to solve. 

  1. Time to treat patients - it was discovered that with the chain of command, high volume of patients, limited time, and lack of communication, it was taking too much time to approve and begin treatment, let alone complete the treatment plan with appropriate care. 
  2. Lack of wound care knowledge - statistically speaking, there has been a large amount of inappropriate wound care treatments given to patients due to the lack of knowledge and training in proper wound care treatment causing delayed healing and increased hospitalizations and amputations. 
  3. Cost of wound care - due to time and lack of wound care knowledge, treatment can be incredibly expensive for patients and providers, in some cases tens of thousands of dollars. 
Lack of time, health care benefits and high facility fees can be incredibly expensive for patients and health plans. Our founders were determined to find a solution and provide appropriate care efficiently and cost-effectively. Their goal was to improve outcomes for patients and providers with the use of advanced technology and wound care best practices. Woundtech has continued to be an industry leader in not only advanced wound care but advances in technology and innovation as it pertains to wound care. 


Group 6What Do We Do?

 Woundtech delivers advanced wound care from expert clinicians by meeting patients where they are at. 

But like most matters within the health care industry, it is a bit more complex than that. More specifically, Woundtech is an industry leader in advanced wound care and chronic wound management. We are a specialized mobile wound care solution positioned in a niche market of the health care space. We provide services to patients in Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Puerto Rico. Our services provide advanced wound care at a patient's residence by highly trained clinicians that utilize a formulary of more than 125 high-quality wound care products. Our unique system is bridging the gap in health care disparities by accommodating patients in underserved communities. Our Model of Care allows us to reduce barriers to care at a lower cost that alleviates the burden on the patient and the health care system. By following evidence-based guidelines, we have reduced the time to heal by 20% and the cost of care from 44-72% for various wound types, minimizing hospitalizations and amputations. 

How Is This Possible? 

We do this in three distinctive ways. First, being in a niche market within the health care space we have positioned ourselves as an extension of a patient's primary care. We have developed strong relationships with primary care providers, home health, and other referral groups that allow us to collectively provide care that meets each of the patient's needs. The patients we treat have multiple comorbidities that make these partnerships essential to a patient's journey to improved health. The leadership team at Woundtech has spent countless hours developing a model that provides care that is adjunctive to patients' primary care provider. 

The second way we do this is by implementing regionalized, cross-functional support teams. These teams consist of four parts:

  1. Our regional medical directors are expert leaders in supporting and managing the needs of this cross-functional team on a regional level. They are also an essential part of developing partnerships with health care plans and referral groups. 
  2. Highly skilled clinicians deliver care to our patients. These clinicians are unique in that they are Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Podiatrists. This advantage allows them to adjust treatments and write prescriptions, as necessary. Woundtech requires regular training to keep all clinicians aligned with best practices in wound care.
  3. Attentive patient care coordinators assist the patient in coordinating visits and addressing any administrative patient needs or questions. 
  4. Effective and efficient communicators, our case managers keep the patients, Woundtech providers, health plans, and patients' referring provider aligned on the treatment plan. 


The third and final way we do this is by reducing the cost of wound care to the patient and health care system. To be able to provide advanced wound care to patients wherever they reside alleviates the cost of transportation and facility fees. Our clinicians have full access to our formulary without needing to take additional steps for approval of treatment adjustments which saves time and keeps costs low. Woundtech partners with health plans to provide our services to our patients at a standard fee that does not utilize any in-home health care benefits or deductibles.


Woundtech is a global family of over four hundred and growing; spanning across the United States and India. These individuals have diverse backgrounds, talents, and perspectives, but the same goal; to provide effective wound care that improves the quality of life one patient at a time. Through our efforts, we have been able to become industry leaders in providing a mobile wound care solution to a growing need of patients as a specialized niche market in health care. We nurture a culture where inclusiveness is a natural reflex and is integrated into our relationships with our patients and referral groups. We recognize the disparities within the health care system and make it a priority to provide our unique service to underserved communities. 

As we have continued to grow as a company and a family, we have developed a list of values that encompass who we are, what we stand for, and how we behave. These values - integrity, excellence, teamwork, respect, accountability, passion, and transparency - have sparked ideas and drove innovation that has contributed to our continued success. 

We are proud to be able to provide our unique service to those that may not otherwise be able to receive treatment. Our team is determined to continue to innovate and expand our service into new markets with a patient-centric mindset. We believe that everyone in need of wound care deserves improved access, quality, and time to care.

To learn more about the key players in the success of Woundtech, we invite you to visit our About Us page.

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