Refer Patients
Refer Patients

                                      Experts in Wound Care Treatment

                                      Delivering Personalized Care Where You Live

                                      Patients who benefit most from Woundtech Services:

                                      Patients currently being treated for wounds:

                                      • At an outpatient hospital based wound care center
                                      • At a skilled nursing facility
                                      • At an assisted living facility
                                      • By a home health agency
                                      • Utilizing negative pressure therapy devices (VAC)
                                      • Utilizing hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)
                                      • With wounds that have not healed in the last 30 days

                                      Refer Patients

                                      Woundtech advance clinicians manage wounds with evidenced-based practice and patient-indicated therapies, which improves quality of life and reduces barriers to care at the best value. Woundtech’s clinicians are wound care trained Podiatrists, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants with the ability to change and write orders at the point of care. They collaborate care with regional medical directors, case managers and patient care coordinators to provide ongoing care monitoring and adjust plans of care on a case-by-case basis.

                                      Using a formulary of more than 125 different advanced high-quality wound care products in 14 categories, Woundtech’s clinician team delivers patient-centric, concierge care wherever patients reside – including ALFs and SNFs. Using evidence based clinical algorithms configured with Woundtech’s proprietary Sequential Assisted Logic and Clinical Alerts, utilizing machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Woundtech takes precision wound care to new levels, healing patients faster and delivering better outcomes at the best value. This model improves healing rates and helps reduce wound-related infections, hospitalizations and amputations. You may learn more the importance of early referrals by downloading this case study.

                                      The key to effectively managing wound care and its resulting expenses is early intervention. Late treatment means astronomically higher costs and, frequently, amputation. Studies show that between 52% and 80% of diabetic patients who get a below-the-knee amputation die within five years. Wound care is a race that patients cannot afford to lose.

                                      By treating patients where they live, Woundtech’s approach eliminates many of the challenges of wound care while ensuring true health equity.

                                      Woundtech provides care that is adjunctive to patients’ primary care provider (PCP). The PCP  retains overall management of the patient, while Woundtech communicates with the PCP regarding the patient's progress. Woundtech’s goal is to heal patients so they can return to the care of their PCP.



                                      Woundtech Model of Care White Paper

                                      This paper reviews the impact of increased access to care, improved patient outcomes, quality of life support, and patient satisfaction.


                                      Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 1.23.33 PM

                                      Woundtech’s wound management program results in tangible cost savings for clients nationwide.

                                      Cost Savings by Wound Type


                                      Arterial Ulcer 



                                      Diabetic Ulcer



                                      Pressure Ulcer



                                      Surgical Wound



                                      Venus Ulcer

                                      Calculation methodology:

                                      The benefits calculation is based on industry average figures* with inflation factored in; WT averages are based on 12 months rolling numbers (Jan-Dec 2021) for visits and the cost per patient for that period.

                                      *Nussbaum SR, Carter MJ, Fife CE, etal. An economic evaluation of the impact, cost, and Medicare policy implications of chronic nonhealing wounds. Value Health 2018;21:27–32; Ma H, O’Donnell TF Jr, Rosen NA, Iafrati MD. The real cost of treating venous ulcers in a contemporary vascular practice J Vasc Surg Venous Lymphat Disord. 2014 Oct; 2(4):355-61

                                      Woundtech is not home health

                                      Woundtech Home Health

                                      MDs, DPM, NP, PA

                                      RN, LPN, MAs & Non-medical Providers

                                      Write orders including advanced testing


                                      Follow advanced evidence-based wound care protocols


                                      Advanced wound care education & training


                                      Weekly continuing wound care education


                                      Access to advanced wound care product formulary


                                      Perform wound procedures such as debridement


                                      Dedicated wound care EMR


                                      Internal clinical support services (LCs, CMs, and PCCs)


                                      Dedicated long-term care pathway


                                      Only provide care to home-bound patients 


                                      Areas of Service

                                      California Nevada Utah
                                      Arizona Texas Florida
                                      Puerto Rico Ohio New Jersey
                                      Service Area Map

                                      Health Plans We Serve

                                      Woundtech is the preferred provider for over 50 clients and 300 medical groups. We have served over 3.5 million patients to date and currently over 3,500 active patients. 


                                      Case Study on the Importance of Early Referrals

                                      This case illustrates a typical success story when coordinated care management is in effect between the primary care physician network and Woundtech; resulting in better outcomes at lower costs.


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