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Bringing Wound Care to You

Woundtech brings advanced wound care to wherever a patient is, which improves quality of life and removes barriers that may be preventing your wounds from healing. Our clinicians specialize in wound management and follow evidence-based guidelines to deliver superior outcomes - including improved healing rates - reduced hospitalization and infection rates and improved compliance to healing plans.

We Put Patients First

Woundtech is a leading advanced wound care provider. All clinicians are extensively trained in wound care.

After an initial visit, the clinician will develop a customized care plan based on your individual situation, using the highest clinical practices. Woundtech clinicians communicate with your doctors to ensure they stay up to date on your healing progress.


Our advanced practice clinicians treat patients in their place of residence, alleviating the need for patients to arrange transportation and travel to a clinic.

Woundtech’s team of care professionals assist in obtaining authorization (if needed) and getting patients scheduled for treatment promptly. Our clinicians enter real-time clinical data into the patient’s secure, web-based electronic medical record and algorithms analyze data and provide automated recommendations and clinical alerts. Woundtech also provides the patient with the most advanced wound healing dressings and products available - products have been selected because of their effective, evidence-based wound healing properties.

Caregiver Resources

our best ally in treating wounds are Caregivers who help by promoting compliance. The following resources help patients remove barriers of care.
If you have been diagnosed with a diabetic ulcer, download this resources for information about your wound and how you play a very important role in the healing process.

A diabetic ulcer is an open wound or ulcer below the ankle, typically on the side or bottom of the foot. This type of injury is directly related to diabetes. Diabetes makes it hard to control blood sugar which can result in a higher risk of serious foot problems such as loss of feeling (neuropathy), poor circulation, and foot deformities. A diabetic foot ulcer usually happens because of one or more of these issues resulted in an increased pressure point that contributed to skin and tissue damage and/or because the loss of feeling in the foot led to an unintentional skin injury.


Diabetic Foot Ulcer

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Healthy Eating for Wound Healing 

Healing a wound puts extra demands on your body. Download this resource for information on you you need more calories, protein, and vitamins to give your body the fuel it needs to heal your wound. What you eat can impact how fast your wound heals. Eating enough of the right foods can speed up the healing process and eating the wrong foods can slow it down. You should plan healthy, balanced meals and snacks that include protein, fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains. 

Diest and Healing

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You have been diagnosed with a pressure injury (sometimes called pressure ulcers, bedsores, or pressure sores).  

This resource provides information about your wound and how you play a very important role in the healing process. A pressure injury is damage to the skin and/or underlying tissue, typically over an area where bone is close to the skin. The prolonged pressure causes harm to the skin and the pressure cuts off the blood supply to the area. Typically, the location of the injury appears as a red, warm, tender area that will not go away.

Pressure Injury

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The faster you can identify and start treating a wound, the less risk you have of needing to be hospitalized or have surgery.

Your skin protects you from your environment and germs. When you have a wound, or an opening on your skin, your risk for infection increases because that protection has been broken and you become vulnerable to bacteria and germs. Wound infections may lead to hospitalizations, surgery and even amputations. This resource explains the importance of how to prevent an infection and what to look for if you develop signs or symptoms. With all wounds, time is of the essence.

Infection Prevention

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Venous Ulcers most commonly occur on the legs above the ankle.

If you have been diagnosed with a venous ulcer, this resource has some information about your wound and how you play a very important role in the healing process. These types of wounds are caused when blood flowing to the legs does not flow back up to the heart. The blood pools in the veins and increases internal pressure. The area where the blood pools can become swollen with excess fluid. The combination of fluid build-up and excess blood in the vein can lead to an open sore on the skin, called a venous ulcer.

Venous Ulcer

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Advanced wound care conveniently brought to you.


We are different from a home health agency. We are a specialty provider and we focus only on wounds. Our expert wound care program brings you only the very best care. Our clinicians communicate with your doctors to ensure they stay up to date on your healing progress which has provided:

  • 98% Patient Satisfaction
  • Reduced infections, hospitalizations, amputations and wound-related surgical procedures
  • Earlier management and intervention of recurring wounds
  • Access to immediate care





My clinician, Teri, is very kind and thorough. She is always gentle when attending to my wound so that I feel comfortable. And she always explains everything so that I understand. Teri’s care and kindness has really made a huge impact on my healing.
Madeline, the NP who came to treat my mother was incredible and the service was impeccable. She came twice a week and became like family to us. We would love to have her back to treat my mother after her upcoming surgery. We are very satisfied with Woundtech.
My husband's doctor referred him to Woundtech. We first met our clinician, Cavell, for his first in-home appointment. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. She continued to provide stellar care to my husband twice a week for three months. On his last appointment, his wound had completely healed, and he was discharged. I cannot say enough about how dedicated Cavell was, providing my husband the best care and service possible.
Nancy checks the boxes for what we expected from a healthcare provider - professional, courteous, prompt, caring, helpful, etc. Nancy speaks with my mother with warmth, patience, compassion, respect, and understanding ways. She provides encouragement and support to my mother in a way that helps my mother to want to get better and improve… Nancy keeps us informed and updated on my mother’s treatment plan and progress!