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Wound Care Facts

Wound Care Facts

Learn about several causes and types of wounds and
Woundtech’s approach to advanced wound care.

Wound care varies in severity and causes and there are many inaccurate assumptions related to wound care and the ability to treat them appropriately and effectively. 

iStock-1357522255Causes of Wounds: Wounds are a result of trauma to the skin. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and have various healing methods. Advanced wounds can be difficult to heal due to many factors.

 Comorbidities - The patients we treat at Woundtech tend to have multiple comorbidities such as diabetes,         high blood pressure, and heart disease. Health has a major effect on how our bodies heal and how quickly they heal. It is important to note that not all wounds can be healed and sometimes palliative care is necessary to improve a patient's quality of life. 

 Lifestyle - Lifestyle choices such as smoking and poor nutrition can prolong healing. Our bodies need certain nutrients to promote healthy skin growth and healing. Oxygen is essential to healing smoking decreases oxygen in the body which increases the time to heal. 

 Age - As we age our body begins to deteriorate, and our asking becomes brittle and thins. Coupled with poor lifestyle choices and multiple comorbidities, it makes it even more difficult for advanced wound care clinicians to heal wounds effectively. 



Types of Wounds: Woundtech treats various types of advanced wounds. These are our most common cases. 


Pressure Wound - A pressure wound, also referred to as a bed sore, is damage to the skin and/or underlying tissue, typically over an area where the bone is close to the skin. The prolonged pressure causes harm to the skin and the pressure cuts off the blood supply to the area.

 Diabetic Foot Ulcer - A diabetic ulcer is an open wound or ulcer below the ankle, typically on the side or bottom of the foot. This type of injury is directly related to diabetes. Diabetes makes it hard to control blood sugar which can result in a higher risk of serious foot problems such as loss of feeling (neuropathy), poor circulation, and foot deformities.

 Venous Ulcer - These types of wounds are caused when blood flowing to the legs does not flow back up to the heart. The blood pools in the veins and increases internal pressure. The combination of fluid build-up and excess blood in the vein can lead to an open sore on the skin, called a venous ulcer.


iStock-1325238503Woundtech’s Model of Care: Advanced wound care is a specialized practice within healthcare. It is complex and has no “one size fits all” treatment or approach. Woundtech is focused on the treatment, prevention, and education of advanced wound care.

                                                                                                                                                                          Treatment – We have a formulary of 125+ products in 14 categories that our advanced wound care clinicians (NPs, PAs, and Podiatrists) have direct access to. Our clinicians take a full assessment of not only the patient’s wound(s) and health, but they assess their living conditions, habits, and limitations. Treating patients in their homes allows us to see the whole picture and treat not just the hole in the person, but the whole person. Our
clinicians are able to write orders and refer patients to other necessary evaluations and assistance.

Prevention – Woundtech clinicians not only want to heal the wounds they treat, but prevent infection, amputation, and reoccurrences. Our model of care equips our clinicians with the knowledge and skills to reduce these negative outcomes.

Education – Advanced wound care is not something that has statistically been spoken about in general health care settings. Woundtech is determined to educate patients, caregivers, PCPs, and health plans about the importance and benefits of proper wound care management.

Learn more from our Caregiver Resources on our Patients Page:  

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