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Refer Patients

Secondary Mark-2 Who Is Woundtech?

Woundtech is an industry leader in advanced wound care and chronic wound management. We are a specialized mobile wound care solution positioned in a niche market of the health care space that provides services to patients where they reside, whether that be their home or Skilled Nursing Facility.
Our advanced wound care is delivered by highly trained clinicians who utilize a formulary of more than 125 high-quality wound care products and bring their expertise and support directly to the patient. Our unique system bridges the gap in health care disparities by accommodating patients in underserved communities. Our Model of Care allows us to reduce barriers to care at a lower cost that alleviates the burden on the patient and the health care system. By following evidence-based guidelines, we heal wounds at a faster rate in most cases and reduce the need for hospitalizations and amputations. To learn more please read our blog post, Defining Woundtech

Personalized Model = Specialized Care

There is a growing need for a horizontally integrated and collaborative approach to wound management to offset overlooked and fragmented healthcare expenditures. Woundtech addresses the health care disparities and economic inefficiencies of this segment by utilizing an evidence-based approach and a proprietary wound healing product formulary. Our Model of Care improves healing rates and for the chronic non-healing population, the focus shifts to avoidance of infection, hospitalizations and amputations to significantly improve the overall patient experience. We invite you to visit our Insights page for more information and downloadable resources.

Advanced Care Team = Better Patient Experience 

Care is delivered locally to better serve our patients and our health plans while continuing to drive quality outcomes
regional team venn diagram

Regional Medical Directors


Lead a cross-functional team with Advanced Clinicians, Preceptors, Case Managers and Patient Care Coordinators to form regional delivery systems. 

Doctors, PAs, NPs, Podiatrists


Deliver care and establish care plans with patients while also consulting with vascular surgeons, infectious disease experts, dietitians, physical therapy and all members of your care team.

Patient Care Coordinators


Communicating with patients to coordinate visits enabling all patients to receive top-quality care and address any administrative patient needs or questions.

Case Managers


Constantly in contact with the patient, Woundtech providers, health plans and the patient’s PCP and/or referring provider. In addition, Case Managers ensure specialized care plans are implemented and conduct quality of care checks.

Woundtech News & Updates

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I wanted to commend our clinician because he is a very good wound care clinician. He is very patient and very nice. My husband's foot wound was so bad that I thought it was going to have to be removed. But now, my husband's foot has had such a big improvement. I'm so impressed. He has been coming for more than a month and he is very good. I can see the improvement! I am very happy with your services!
Upon my referral to Woundtech I was assigned B who showed up with a very calm and reassuring demeanor that immediately helped calm me down. She always maintained a positive attitude and at no time made me feel I was not her main focus. She never rushed and was always encouraging even when I was not. B is a gift to the injured as a ray of hope and encouragement that needs to be shared. No words will be able to truly tell you how much she has affected my life by just doing what she would say is doing her job.
Agnes worked on my mom’s leg wounds and she did a really nice job. She is super sweet. I just wanted to let you know that Agnes is a super employee. Thank you for the care she provided.
I want to recognize Ron for all he has done. He reduced my pain by 70% and I am pleased with the way he cares for my wound. Other doctors and even hospitals would increase my pain by how they treated my wound, but with Ron, he’s been great!